3 Ways to use this magic store.

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Just to make things slightly simpler for those using the magic store, i have written this post “3 ways to use this magic store”.

1.Search Bar in the header of the magic store

The search bar in the header is a good place to start if you are looking for a specific magic item.

3 Ways to use this magic store.
(search bar in header of magiciansandmagicshop.com)

or, try the Sitemap at the bottom of the page (in the footer). The sitemap contains all the pages, posts and products in the site. The products section begins with numbers and special characters. From thereon it is in alphabetical order.

E.g. 1.8g by Matt Pilcher video DOWNLOAD (“1.8g” is a number) so it will be before Alex Elmsley Tahoe Sessions No 1 – video DOWNLOAD as this is alphabetical (“Alex”).

sitemap for magiciansandmagicshop.com

2.Categories in the magic store

The navigation bar contains categories- which can help you find what you want. This is better if you want to browse certain types of magic.

a. Magic Styles: (Close up magic; Walk around and street magic; Stage magic; Illusions; Comedy Magic; Gambling magic performer; Kid’s show magic and balloon modelling; Mentalists; Religious magic, Gospel magic and Escape performer). You can simply click on any of these.

magic styles

b. Magic Categories (Magic downloads- ebooks and videos; Playing cards; Card Magic and trick decks; Money magic; Sponge balls and sponge magic; Silk magic; Rope magic; Magic business and theory of magic; Classic magic effects; Magic props; Magic refills; Magic tables and magic cases; Magic posters and magic gifts; Magic magazines; Magic books; Highest quality magic (known as Black Label magic when you look at Murphys directly); Limited Edition magic; Magic art; Gags and Toy magic; Magic lectures and Magic conventions – usually when footage is sold from a convention).

magic categories

You can also browse “Virtual Magic” – tricks good for virtual shows or social media posts.

An alternative is choosing the skill you want, this is probably better for the Beginner– as they can then start with effects that require the least manual dexterity skill.

3. Magicians in the magic store

If you know the magician that you are looking for magic from or want to learn some of that magicians magic, then you can use the magicians tab.

The magician is indexed even if it is someone else who is teaching his effect. E.g. Michael Ammar teaches an effect that was invented by someone else. Then Michael Ammar and the other magician will be listed as magician. Which means you may look for a magician, but the tricks showing up on the page are someone else- this means that the magician you are looking for is mentioned in that magic download/ magic effect. So, if you look carefully, you will see them as a contributor in that book (for instance).

This is a really nice way to make sure you have found all the magic from a magician (if you want everything from a specific magician, e.g. you look for David Roth as you want to see as much of his work as possible. You will see books that have him as a contributor- but the book is written by someone else. As well as his specific works.)

magicians tab
Magicians tab is on the dropdown at “magic shop” in the navigation bar.

I hope this post helps make the shop more useable for you.

If you have any questions, please direct them to kenny(at)magiciansandmagicshop.com.

If you have any magical reviews you think would add value to specific items, we would really appreciate them. Please use the “Reviews” tab under the product you want to review. For instance you see “Malone meets Marlo 6 ” below. Click the review tab and leave your appreciated review.

review on magiciansandmagicshop.com
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