6 Ways to learn how to do and perform Spoon Bending

The Royle Road to Spoon, Fork and Metal Bending by Jonathan Royle

So you want to learn how to perform metal bending, coin bending, spoon bending, key bending and nail bending?

Spoon bending came into its own in the 1970’s. Especially after Uri Geller’s early television appearances.

It has progressed from straight bends to “twists” in the metal and the use of different methods. The bending of forks, keys, nails, coins and other metal objects is a progression over time as well.

Spoon and fork bending leaves a big impression on audiences if done correctly and beautifully.

In fact, this alone has made some mentalists reputations.

It just seems so impossible and is so visual.

Watch this to see Spoon bending in action:

Spoon bending Magicians

A lot of performers will give the impression that they are using their minds or some paranormal type effort to affect the bends.

This is why many magicians that perform the bending of metal spoons perform mentalism, as opposed to straight magic. However, you do get magicians that include metal bending as part of their act, even as a comedy magician.

As an example: see spoon river mentioned here.

For a more contemporary, street magic feel, you may enjoy Dee Christopher (from Metal by Dee Christopher and Titanas):

If you are more a mentalist, you may enjoy Banachek :

Learn from masters that have performed metal bends for years

Have a look through below and see which magician resonates with your style.

Whichever way you decide to include metal bending in your act, we are certain you will have a lot of fun perfecting your techniques and seeing the astonishment on people’s faces when performing it.

Send in a video of your astonished spectators and let us see. Post a link to it here and see what the magic forum has to say:


That’s all for now folks. Happy magic-ing.

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