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The Vault The Ogawa Opener by Shoot Ogawa

The Vault The Ogawa Opener by Shoot Ogawa

One of Shoot’s professional routines that he uses to this day. Magician freely shuffles a deck of cards and then asks the spectator to tell him when to stop as he riffles through the deck with his finger. The magician honestly stops at the spectator’s chosen location and then splits the deck into two different piles. The magician then magically reveals four aces in the blink of an eye.

This is pure eye candy and a self working effect with little sleight of hand required. 

Laws of Attraction by Shoot Ogawa

Laws of Attraction by Shoot Ogawa

This is one of Shoot Ogawa’s most unique effects.

Shoot will teach you to “magnetize” Silverware, salt shakers, and metal object with detailed step by step instructions. You would even be able to “magnetize” plastic, paper and many other objects!

Shoot Force by Shoot Ogawa

Shoot Force by Shoot Ogawa


Performance of Force

Cut Force – Slip Force – Dribble Force – Classic Force


Casualism – The Choice – Sync

Advanced Force

Spread Force – Other Hand Force – Estimated Classic Force – Mental Force

Theory of Classic Force

Mr. Yanagida Interview

Something Silly with Shoot Ogawa

Something Silly with Shoot Ogawa

Something Silly With Shoot: Every magician needs a few gags to liven up the moment. Shoot teaches for the first time his method of shooting a rubber band from the fingers onto the floor where the rubber band literally spins backwards to the magician’s shoe. Learn how to take a beautiful silver spoon and bend it 90 degrees, only to restore it unharmed, much to the owner’s delight. Then learn how to take your thumb completely off while it still moves in midair. Next, stretch your thumb inches away from your hand while watching it move with your other fingers. Finally, Shoot teaches us how to shrink a crayon while pushing it up the nose and pulling it out of the eye. Pure “eye” candy! Cap your silly journey off while watching Daffy Duck attempt to sway Porky Pig into letting him become a big named actor in Hollywood in a classic cartoon of magical comedy.

Vanish Magazine 98

Vanish Magazine 98 eBook

Vanish magazine with Shoot as the featured artist.

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