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  • Cigarettes may be currently frowned upon. However, cigarette magic is still a thing. I would seperate cigarette magic into “manipulation” and cigarette tricks. Although strictly speaking cigarette magic tricks could also involve “manipulation”. Anway, i’m jabbering on. The effects taken are from all that are available in this shop. First i threw in a bit […]
  • Want to learn some of the magic of Shoot Ogawa? Here he is on Penn and Teller: Magic of Shoot Ogawa available here: The Vault The Ogawa Opener by Shoot Ogawa One of Shoot’s professional routines that he uses to this day. Magician freely shuffles a deck of cards and then asks the spectator to […]
  • Bird magic is still done by a few magicians. It is really magical to see the use of an animal in an act that enhances the outcome or is the major feature of an act. The use of birds in magic can be classically beautiful. Unfortunately the use of live animals in acts is/ has […]
  • The Art of balloon magic Balloons are indicative of a happy event. From a Childrens party to a sumptious event- they indicate the universal language of happiness. Try giving a blown up balloon to anyone and see if they can stop themselves from smiling. The Origin of balloon magic can be traced back to the […]
  • I always thought it would be interesting to see your Nationality’s magicians books/ effects/ tricks. Let me start with my Nationality. Therefore, below, for your viewing pleasure, is a list of South African magicians with virtual products available through this shop. (as at 23/10/2023) Regardt Laubscher Water and Oil by Regardt Laubscher Punchlines for Kids […]
  • MIND MIRACLES REAL WORLD MENTALISM & MIND READING SECRETS by Jonathan Royle In addition to it’s 380+ information packed photo illustrated pages you are also given links & QR Codes to numerous Step by Step training videos which both bring to life what is taught within this book and also massively expands on it also […]
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