Bird Magic

bird magic

Bird magic is still done by a few magicians. It is really magical to see the use of an animal in an act that enhances the outcome or is the major feature of an act.

The use of birds in magic can be classically beautiful.

Unfortunately the use of live animals in acts is/ has decreased substantially. The last act i saw was a bird act from Darcy Oake on BGT.

And the last Vegas magician performing with wild animals (Dirk Arthur) has just unfortunately died (Oct 2023).

However, it is not (in my view) that animals are mistreated if the act is rehearsed properly and all animals are treated with respect. So, it is possible that magicians may once again start to use birds in their acts, when the World turns.

So, below is a list of virtual products that involve bird magic.

It could be a product devoted specifically to bird magic, or part of a product that involves bird magic.

List of virtual magic products with bird magic involved

Extending Magic Beyond Credibility by John Booth

Extending Magic Beyond Credibility by John Booth

He devotes the following chapter to bird magic:

11. Centuries of Development Unfolded

In a Class By Himself by Don Alan

In a Class By Himself by Don Alan

He offers a few routines using birds in this volume:

Production of A Dove From A Borrowed Purse.

Dove Pan Tip & Microphone Stand Tray.

Funny Birdcage Vanish.

The Fielding West Comedy Magic Show

The Fielding West Comedy Magic Show

This video includes his famous:

Bob The Bird Routine

I hope you can find something you need here. I remember having an aviary in the 80’s and practising with the doves. It can be a truly pleasurable experience.

Enjoy, Kenny.


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