Lecture with Francis Tabary

28 March 2023 , Cape Town, Cape Magicians Circle, at College of Magic.

Fantastic evening held, a lecture with Francis Tabary.

Some of those rope moves are sooo smooth. The concept of being able to perform with simply a rope is also astounding to me. However, it does mean that the methods and workings attain ‘art’ status.

Tips like keeping hands at eye level on a specific move and the length of rope allowing for the almost balletic movements are simple- yet so effective. Guess that is the difference between just doing something and spending hundreds of hours perfecting it.

Must say i really enjoyed meeting Francis and Veronique (his wife), artists like this bring out the joy in people.

It is really great that we can use the College of Magic’s premises for events like these. It also means that the students are able to get involved. So a win/ win for all.

Big thanks to Francis and Veronique for meeting with us when in the Cape.

Some photos

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