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new pages on site
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We have added 2 new pages to the site:

  • Submission page (this is where you can submit anything you would like to. You can submit it right on the site yourself (it will be reviewed before going live). Your posting would then be available as a blog post on the site here (and in the blog itself). Why this page? Great

Why this page?

Great for if you want to introduce who you are to the magic community and so on. Gives a link to your site helping you get search traffic.

Nice for any articles you may have written, product reviews, whatever you can think of.

  • Magic News page. This is where we have compiled the feeds from 15 sites which then download onto this page twice daily.

Great for if you want to see some latest magic videos, magic articles and so on.

Let me know if these pages are missing anything you would consider important (use comments below). Enjoy.

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