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Kenny Williamson founder of magiciansandmagic


I am Kenny Williamson, the founder of magiciansandmagic.com.

About Magiciansandmagicshop.

This magic shop is an extension of the offering through magiciansandmagic.com.

Currently we offer downloadable effects, whilst we are looking to offer physical products in the future.

For the process of your order from the shop, please see shipping.

We are a new outfit, trying to make a difference in magicians lives as you can see in the “other offerings” below.

We are based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Please enjoy the magic shop. If you have any suggestions please use the contact form provided and we will help you as quickly as possible. Or email kenny@magiciansandmagicshop-com.

Some customer product reviews.

Other offerings through Magiciansandmagic.com

We offer other services on the main site : magiciansandmagic.com , which you may find of use.

  • Magicians directory– a directory of magicians, female magicians and magicians who work in pairs, magicians added as i have time.

  • User posts (where you can submit your own magic stories). This is intended for people to either tell us more about themselves (in which case i will add them as a magician to the magicians directory), or to simply let us know about something (funny or important).

NOTE: for most of these functions you need to be REGISTERED on the site. If you are having a problem let me know.

I truly hope that you enjoy our offerings. Any comments / suggestions you may want to make will be looked at (comments are open on this page below).

Once again, welcome to the magiciansandmagic family!

Kenny Williamson

P.s. A full Sitemap of this site is available here: Sitemap For Magiciansandmagicshop.com – MAGICIANSANDMAGICSHOP.COM

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