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Hello, I am Sam Wooding and this is The Vortex.

The Vortex is a method that allows you to walk up to a spectator, and ask them to think of a word from a poem. (The method taught utilizes a poem. However, you can use a code or a list instead.)

The performer immediately starts to get a jumble of letters in their mind. When they write down the letters, it’s proven that every letter on the paper matches up with the thought-of word!

The performer then asks the spectator to think of another word. The performer again gets the word in a jumble. After asking the spectator to fully concentrate on the word, the performer then divines the word!

– There are no forces
– This is 100% practical
– No anagrams are used
– No psychological techniques
– 100% sure fire

This eBook download is a steal!


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The Vortex by Sam Wooding eBook DOWNLOAD
The Vortex by Sam Wooding eBook DOWNLOAD