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The Cardiste by Rusduck

The Legendary CARDISTE!

Long out of Print.

One of the Most Influential Card Magazines Ever Produced!

Issue Number 1

  • To a Memory
  • Strictly Straight- Rusduck
  • Rusduck Bridge- Rusduck
  • Forever Royal – And Yet Again- Rusduck
  • Rusduck “Stay-Stack” System- Rusduck

Issue Number 2

  • Zensational- Rusduck
  • Hocus Poker- Charles M. Hudson
  • Nudeck Speller- Rusduck
  • “Sneaky Pete” Repeat- Rusduck
  • An Oddity- Ron Edwards
  • S-T-R-A-I-G-H-T – via Rusduck
  • Faro Favorites: Anyone for bridge- Gerald Kosky

Issue Number 3

  • Rusduck Four-Way Deal- Rusduck
  • The Lost Ace- William Miesel
  • Sorcerer’s Seven- Charles M. Hudson
  • Sermonette!- Rusduck
  • Faro Fantasies- Rusduck

Issue Number 4

  • Poker Poser- Rusduck
  • Study in Stud- Rusduck
  • Suicide Build- Tom Ransom
  • Sorcerer’s Sevens II- Charles M. Hudson
  • Snibbets- Rusduck
  • Bottom Run Up- Rusduck
  • Flip Deck- Rusduck
  • Faro Favorites- Rusduck

Issue Number 5

  • M.K. Telephone Code System- Max Katz
  • Straight Cheating- William Miesel
  • Sorcerer’s Sevens III- Charles M. Hudson
  • Color Separation- Rusduck
  • Fantabulous- Rusduck
  • Faro Favorites- Alex Elmsley
  • Aces Up- Alex Elmsley

Issue Number 6

  • Las Vegas Deck- Rusduck
  • Stud Students Stumped- Rusduck
  • The Coconut Poker Deal- Ron Edwards
  • Another Impromptu Out of this World – William Miesel
  • Full Deck Speller- Rusduck
  • Revolving Poker- Rusduck
  • Major-Minor Do-as-I-do- Charles M. Hudson
  • Arab Roto-Pack- Alex Elmsley
  • Ambitious 52- Rusduck

Pages: 156 – 8.15″ x 11″ – Hyperlinked. Fully Illustrated with color photographs. – PDF FORMAT


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The Cardiste by Rusduck
The Cardiste by Rusduck eBook DOWNLOAD