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Scotland Goes Mental by Peter Duffie

Table of Contents:

Roy Walton: Guardian Ghost: A dead Pharaoh summons a frightening object to deter tomb raiders from robbing his tomb. In this case it is a ghost; the ghost of the Pharaoh himself!

George McBride: Streamlined Who Knows the Card: A card mentally chosen by one spectator is found by another spectator. Clever stuff! Mirakill: Predict the colours of cards that have been freely mixed by a spectator.

Jim Cuthbert: Have a Drink on Me: A multiple prediction of hotels and drinks freely chosen by members of your audience. Book Test: Jim’s rendition of this classic effect. Dead easy!

David Forrest: Mating Season: A spectator freely chooses a card from a thoroughly shuffled deck. The mentalist divines the identity of the selection. The mentalist then reveals that he had predicted which card would be chosen by removing the mate of the selection from his wallet. Invisible Opener: The spectator names any card. The mentalist proves that he has predicted ahead of time which card would be named. Shades of the Invisible Deck…

Jackie McClements: Dicychometry: Four spectators + four coloured dice = a knockout prediction! Killer Finish!: Simply that – a Killer Finish that can be used for the above, or at another time.

Peter McLanachan: AL Together Now: Peter’s impromptu version of the Card at Any Number. A spectator names a card, a second gives a number between one and fifty-two and a third spectator takes the cards and deals down to that number in the deck where the named card is found. Snap!: An inexplicable matching effect. A card is placed face down on the table as a prediction. The deck is spread in front of the spectator who is then invited to move one card out of the spread. This card is placed on top of the prediction. The two cards are found to match.

Alan Innes: Draw Your Own Conclusions: Excellent demonstration of Drawing Duplication using 26 cards each bearing a different design. Devil Lived 1 & II: A tarot card chosen form the Major Arcana spookily appears on a piece of parchment previously shown to be void of any writing. Wedding Present: Six cards are shown each with a month and number on each side giving a choice of all twelve months, Jan 1/ Feb 2, Mar 3 / Apr 4, etc. A list of 50 different wedding presents is shown along with a small box. Spec is asked what month they would like to get married and that month is placed aside. The spectator then mixes up the remaining cards turning some of them over to get a random total, say 48. The number is checked against the list of presents to give a gold coin. Inside the box that has been in full view is a gold coin!

Scotty Johnston: The Shoe She Connection: The spectator removes a card from a shuffled pack. The selected card is placed face down to one side. The spectator then randomly deals three piles of cards. When he has finished doing this he chooses any pile he wishes. The top card of the chosen pile is turned face up and is shown to be a King. The original chosen card is turned face up and is shown also to be a King. The two cards on top of the other two piles on the table are then also turned face up they are also Kings. The performer offers to try the trick once more. The Kings are placed to one side and a new card is selected just as before. The spectator cuts the deck into three different piles and again chooses any pile. This time when the cards are turned face up they do not match. The performer then picks up the Kings placed aside earlier and performs a magical gesture. The Kings change to the three mates of the chosen selection.

Ian Kendall: Spice Rack: Ian’s system of progressive anagrams to determine a freely thought of kitchen Spice. Perfect for remote performances, such as radio or telephone.

Euan Bingham: Reversed Card to Named Number: A selected card appear at a freely named number…and it’s reversed! Mine’s a Half: Euan’s handling for the Half-Pass.

David Lees: One from Three: You divine a thought of photograph – the photographs can be taken from a spectator’s family album. Includes same routine with cards. The Collector of Souls: A bizarre close-up effect complete with captivating script.

34 Miracles plus 2 thought-provoking Essays

90 Pages – Illustrated!

Pages: 92 – 8.25″ x 11.7″ – Hyperlinked. Fully Illustrated with color photographs. – PDF FORMAT

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Scotland Goes Mental by Peter Duffie
Scotland Goes Mental by Peter Duffie eBook DOWNLOAD