Premium Blend Set by Dan Harlan 6 volumes – video DOWNLOAD


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Premium Blend Set by Dan Harlan

From the highest fertile grounds of the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Lake Tahoe, California, comes one of America’s most prized collections of high-quality close-up.

Harlan’s Premium Blend performances have been hand selected from only the finest routines in his vast field of expertise.

Whether you crave the luscious simplicity of Powerful Presentations or the deep dark smoothness of authentic Sleight of Hand, you’re sure to find a flavor you cannot live without! Six Volume Set.

Volume 1 – Totally Mental

Photo Finish

– Natural Selection

– Magic Spell

– Harlan Hookup

– Under Covers

– Destination Unknown

– Mixed Emotions

– Both Sides Against The Middle

– Cryptic Cookie

Volume 2 – Deck Aid

Ungimmicked Striking Match

– Counter Cross

– Peek Reversal

– Harlan Haunted Hookup

– Intuition

– Slomoco Aces

– Bound Ambition

– Attraction

– Copy-Cards

Volume 3 – Games People Play

Matchbox Hustle

– Shape Shifters

– Rock, Scissors, Paper

– Sludge And Ice

– Micro-Morphosis

– What’s The Point

– Irony Of The Arts

– Clue Me In

– Money In Cards

Volume 4 – Food Fun

One Of These Days

– Credit Card Fraud

– Quick Cream

– Card Fortune

– Birthday Surprise

– Spread ‘Em

– Nuts?

– Moon Cookie

Volume 5 – Funny Business

Business Card Nightmare

– Your Fortune

– Penned-In

– Picture This

– Tenyo Zig-Zag Crayon

– Art Exchange

– Hotel Paradox

– Captain Dread

– “Scuowvic Jo Oml”

Volume 6 – Good Spirits

Cut Deeper Reading

– Ritual Necklace

– Ashes To Ashes

– Horror Matrix

– Soulmates

– Your Sign

– Tarot Mental

– Viking Funeral


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Premium Blend Set by Dan Harlan
Premium Blend Set by Dan Harlan 6 volumes – video DOWNLOAD