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Pins and Needles isn’t your average Russian Roulette. First of all, it’s funny! Until it becomes shocking! This mix of comedy and sudden drama is guaranteed to leave your audiences highly entertained!

Most effects in this plot tend to use disposable items, such as cups or bags, making them impractical for a close-up or walk-around scenario. Pins and Needles was created for this exact environment!

This 8-page, illustrated PDF teaches the full presentation and script, as well as an insanely practical method for the Russian Roulette plot, allowing you to stay in complete control the entire time.


The performer expertly juggles two sponge balls, absurdly claiming this to be one of the most dangerous feats of juggling in the world. Stopping abruptly, he asks a spectator to point to either sponge, and then squishes that sponge in a tight fist. This juggling process is repeated, as the performer boasts the high level of danger. On the last round, the performer once more squishes the chosen sponge, and IMMEDIATELY hands it out. The danger is then shockingly revealed, as needle after needle is removed from the unchosen sponge!

– No switches or sleight of hand involved
– No forcing of any kind
– No magnets or gimmicks
– Everything is examinable
– Perfect for walk-around
– 100% safe!*

*(subject to human error)


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Pins and Needles by Matt Mello eBook DOWNLOAD
Pins and Needles by Matt Mello eBook DOWNLOAD