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Nothing by Max Maven


Max Maven traveled from Hollywood to Lake Tahoe. He brought NOTHING but a nice suit. On the way from the airport to the studio, he stopped at a supermarket for less than ten minutes and spent less than ten dollars. Once in his room, he spent less than half an hour preparing, and proceeded to go on stage and do a 50-minute performance of mentalism.

Featuring Eugene Burger, Brandon Combs, Gene Matsuura, Stephen Minch, Jan Rose and Michael Weber.

NO Pre-Show Work

NO Stooges

NO Clipboards

NO Nailwriters

NO Playing Cards

NO ESP Cards

NO Billets

NO Wallets

NO Gaffs

NO Gimmicks

NO Special Materials

NO Muscle Reading

NO Hypnotism

NO Threads

NO Mirrors

NO Electronics

NO Rough & Smooth

NO Gilbreath Principle

NO Filler

in fact,NOTHING but solid mentalism and great entertainment.

Let’s be clear. This is not a cluster of “substitute” stuff to make up for having lost your props. It is a full-length show of top-notch real world material, much of it revealed for the very first time.

The complete work, including variations and options, plus discussion of performance structure, scripting segues, audience management, blocking, timing-everything thoroughly explained with an unprecedented degree of detail.

Included is the rare “Para-Sight” routine, out of print for over 25 years; copies of the original limited-release manuscript have sold for as much as $400. And that’s something!


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Nothing by Max Maven
Nothing by Max Maven – video DOWNLOAD