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In 2007, card flourishes were very cool and began trending. D&D is a flourish master and first introduced the card flourish. A card flourish is the art of manipulating the cards by shaping them into a beautiful movement.

The tutorial is divided into 2 variations: CUT and DISPLAY.

  • CUT is a piece of the deck that forms a beautiful motion element
  • DISPLAY is the completion of CUTTING to form a beautiful card arrangement in your hands.

The game is still a sibling of the magic arts because it uses a stack of cards.

I am a magician and I can also make card flourishes. Doesn’t that sound cool?

You can also do this!

Here I present to you my work with card flourishes, which I have named:

LINK (cardistry project)


  • Fath
  • Sybicycle
  • Ghocylinder
  • Cavanda
  • L-Sybil
  • Two Door
  • Ken
  • Bont
  • Clever
  • Dunes
  • Marcy March
  • Turnava

Card Flourishes will NEVER DIE – they are here to stay!

Happy learning and do not give up easily.

Download the video and enjoy!


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LINK (Cardistry Project) by SaysevenT video DOWNLOAD
LINK (Cardistry Project) by SaysevenT video DOWNLOAD