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Creating Mystery by Matt Pilcher

For a number of years magic creator Matt Pilcher has been creating magical masterpieces.

Fooling magicians with his creative methods for mystery. He’s regarded by many top magicians as a truly significant figure in the magic industry and NOW IS YOUR CHANCE to get FIVE of Pilcher’s defining masterpieces in ONE instant download.

The five magical masterpieces in this download are:

  • Normal
  • Gone
  • Burglar Box
  • Pilcher’s Wild Card
  • Bookworm

Read below for a description of each trick in this download.


This effect is the ultimate in Geek Magic. You take a needle and slowly push it through your HAND! Your spectators can see that it IS A REAL needle and it REALLY IS going right through your hand.

Pilcher covers everything you need to know. He covers what size and type of needle you should use, how to store your needles, how to locate the safest area on your hand, and what you should expect to feel while performing this.

“Damn, crazy, and BADASS!”
Luke Gould

“Incredible, great precision work and truly mystifying!”
Felicity Denham

“That’s some creepy Halloween type sh*t! That’s mad… Good though.”
Dan Ebery <

“Dope Bro!”
David Rangel

WARNING: Performances and explanations within this video are for entertainment and informational purposes ONLY. Any buyer (or viewer) assumes FULL responsibility and shall not hold Matt Pilcher, producers, or any other parties involved with the production and/or distribution of this video responsible for all and any ill effects resulting from the viewing of this video. Perform this material at YOUR OWN RISK and ALWAYS consult a physician before performing anything contained in this video.


You present a coin and explain how life is like a coin, in that you can spend it any way you wish, but once it’s gone, it’s gone and in that moment the coin vanishes.

“GONE Is a heist that happens at the fingertips and leaves everyone wondering how you got away with it.”
Blake Brenneman II


What started out as just a coin trick has evolved into a truly mystifying coin AND card trick, with a genuinely unique presentation.

You take out a card box that has, inside it, a single Joker that is behind bars. The spectator can inspect BOTH the card box and the jailed Joker. The Joker goes back inside the box and the box is closed up. Your spectator takes out a coin and signs it. The signed coin is then placed on the spectator’s hand and, as you bring the box closer to their hand, the coin is STOLEN into the box!

NO THREADS! NO MAGNETS! It’s that damn devious jailed Joker. You open up the box and take out the stolen coin. BUT WAIT, there’s more — the Joker is no longer behind bars!

”No idea how it’s done!”
Dan Ebery

”Looks good.”
David Rangel

”You’re a creative genius, I love you.”
Justin Miller


An elegant, sophisticated, divine Wild Card routine is HERE, and YOU can learn it.

Magic creator Matt Pilcher has, to put it bluntly, made another classic BETTER!

The Wild Card effect has been around for many, many years — just about every card magician has their take on it. In this download you will learn Pilcher’s version of the Wild Card effect and, once you have learnt it, it will probably be the only version you perform.

The cards don’t just change into other cards once – they change multiple times and in a different way each time! Amazing to watch – your audience will be stunned!


You have a book on the table, along with a big pack of cards. Each card has five random numbers written on it. The spectator SHUFFLES the cards — they then select a card. You, the performer, NEVER see the card they choose. You then ask the spectator to merely THINK of one of the five numbers on that card. Then you ask them to pick up the book and to open it to the page number they are thinking of and to remember the first word on that page. You then INSTANTLY tell them the number and the word they are thinking of.

There are NO peaks, NO fishing for information, NO electronic devices giving you information, NO stooges. EVERYTHING can be examined.

“Matt has created a TRULY UNIQUE version of the classic book test, combining old and new principles that are well within reach of a beginner or will stand up to the most advanced student of the art.”
Justin Miller

“Matt Pilcher loves to leave you in wonder. This effect is built upon layer upon layer of amazement. Fair and clean.”
David Rangel

Order NOW to get this instant download and start learning these defining magical masterpieces!



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Creating Mystery by Matt Pilcher
Creating Mystery by Matt Pilcher Video Download